a test

i barely write recently, the reason maybe i am busy for work, or for kids, but the real reason that i havnt write is because i ain’t got any satisfied or encouragement from my writing, so i didn’t continue to do it. but in my dreams i still have the writer dream, i still think being a writer is the coolest thing in my life. also i took a test today, its say i am born to be a Novelist, wow, what amazing, i think its cool, and it’s true, so i started to write couple of words, to memorised that i could be a Novelist.



the great man Mr. Lin

i am so glad that mr. Lin end up the hungry strike, and feel that all taiwan are care and worry about him. he now is a great man in taiwan and for me as well, just yesterday i told Kevin that if you have anything that cant find the answers just think of Mr. Lin, you will know how to do.
Mr. Lin, who worry about the nuke plant will kill whole taiwan and held the hungry strike, it lasts 9 days, i cant even think about that, without eating night days. i can’t bared even just quit one meal. he is a great man, a huge spiritual in taiwan.
to think all of the problem that i have encounter, that seem all too small to Mr. Lin has been encountered, so i seems now found a leader who lead me to go through the darkness from my life, and i am happy that i can know him and happy for taiwan can have him.
taiwan is proud of you, and for me myself am proud to know you, Mr. Lin!

the nuclear conflict

my country now is really encounter problems.
thought we people here familiar with it, but this time, lots of problem come together, i am really really worry.
the former chairman DPP now is in forbidden food, he refused to eat and speak, to show his position that he disagree the nuclear projetc.
now its the forth day, 4 days without eating, how can a person against that, but he did, he do this for our future, cause once the exploration of nuclear planet happen, non of taiwanese will be exist, we will be done.
why the ruling govt insist such danger thing? are they deaf, are they cold blood, are they indifference for our children?
don’t know~

day 98 conflict

my life are full of conflict all the time.
except in the childhood living without worrisome, as i remember, i have encounter so many conflict.
for the conflicts that i mention here, i am sure that they are all judge by me, maybe some will think, wow, that’s not conflict, but i will say that for me, i do think those things are really exist.


i am still alive

Yea, here i am, i am starting to write again!

I sit in front of the computer and write something happily.

Why is that? Why i am happy? Why stop for soooo long for writing?

Well, that’s a great question~

The past three weeks, Taiwan has encountered a crisis; the gov’t has tried to sign an unfair agreement. If that happen then Taiwan may lose its own control, instead of mainland will eat us all. 

A crowd of student teaches us society a democracy lesson. and i have really learnt about it, now the movement has finished due to the gov’t show their kind will, but we all society will all put our eye on it. 

During that time i am worry and heart shows chaos, i can’t concentrate on anything (so weird, right) so i shot my writing tunnel down, and write nothing.

Now i am starting to write again with a lightly heart, i am happy for myself, i am happy for Taiwan, i am happy for the people on this island.

lots of people unwill to touch politics, maybe that’s too far for them, but for me, i would rather pay as much attention as i can, cause if we citizen un willing to care about our own country, who would care?

So since i still breathing, since i am still seeing, since i am still thinkable, i will pay all my attention for the gov’t, to forbidden them to against the law and the constitution.

When a man without a country, then everything is empty, when a man without a heart, then what can he cherish for? I am so glad that i am still alive~


the right track

i stop writing, without any reason, just not write.
maybe something just not right, so i havnt write!
then what was that occurred me not to write? is it because i am busy? is it because i am sick? is it because i am out of idea to write? or is it because i was no interested in writing any more?
actually, i don’t know, me myself don’t have the answer as well. i just know that now the society has a little bit chaos. what was that? as we know now the sunflower movement is on, and the govt is so stubborn to admire that they are doing things wrong, but insist to continue the wrong thing, let the cross-strait service trade pact pass. its really unbelievable, i hope that the brave students can really wake the Ma govt up.
so without the movement will i continue to write. maybe, i may can concentrated on my own project. 
so here i am, since today i got a little feeling back that i know i maybe can write something to show my opinions about the trade pact. 
anyway glad i am back the right track.